Sunriver Sales is a grower-owned operation.

It is made of a family of growers who have been packing together for more than 25 years.  Over 90% of the product sold and shipped is company-owned.  This close ownership and control allows Sunriver to pack a consistently high-quality product for our customers. This direct link to the farm also gives Sunriver the advantage over other marketing companies.

Sunriver can react quickly to changes in market conditions or make changes to the hottest new varieties of fruit. By owning the products we sell, Sunriver is able to offer year-round services of programmatic pricing, realistic availability forecasting, and one thing you don't see anywhere else:  a partner to grow your business with.

Sunriver Sales is committed to working tirelessly year-round. We understand our customers don't take a season off, so we don't either. The Sunriver Sales team can be reached 12 months a year to get the right answers to you when you need them. With unsurpassed customer service and a high-quality product year-round, Sunriver will surely become your new partner in the business.

Our groves and vineyards, packing house and sales office are all located in the heart of California's San Joaquin Valley. Here, fertile soil and an agreeable climate come together to create the most desirable farmland in the world.

Food Safety


Due to recent changes in the political climate and to provide additional reassurance to our customers, we have instituted a rigorous food safety program to ensure proper handling and agricultural practices.  We are currently certified by the United States Department of Agriculture for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Handling Practices (GHP).  This intense program audits sanitary facilities, worker hygiene, product traceback, and field harvesting as well as storage and transportation.  This program does not look just at the cleanliness of our facility but certifies our product from tree or vine all the way to the consumer.

For more information, you can refer to the USDA program at: