Sunriver is a full service stop for specialty Fall items.  Beginning in August through the first of the year, think Sunriver when stocking your full service Fall line-up.

Asian Pears

Beginning in August with Hosui (brown) and Shinseiki (yellow) Asian pears, we pack in single layer and two layer tissue wrapped cartons. These "applepears" are so sweet they might be
cause for an extra trip to the dentist. The Asian pears are hand packed and PLU stickered
to ensure consistent quality.



The beginning of Fall is marked by the debut of the Bartlett pear. Starting in the river bottom of Stockton in August, this old standard cannot be beat. As the season progresses, Bartletts move to the Northern California mountains, providing you with seamless availability. We also offer Starkrimson (reds), Golden Bosc, and European Bosc pears. Our pears can all be consolidated in one place to ship with your tree fruit needs.



The "grenada" is the start of the pomegranate season at the beginning of September. The Foothill variety begins in mid September into October and is capped off with the Wonderful variety from October until after Thanksgiving. We do not harvest our pomegranates until they have full red exterior color and cut "blood red" in color. We hand pack and PLU sticker our pomegranates in a nostalgic TKV lug that makes a perfect centerpiece for the Fall palette.



The perfect complement to our other fall specialty items, persimmons begin on October 1st. The Fuyu (flat and pumpkin-like) is the Asian persimmon for eating. This is packed in single layer or volume-filled cartons. The Hachiya is the traditional cooking persimmon that is harvested from October until the end of December. Either
variety tops off the perfect centerpiece or makes
cookies that are sure to remind you of grandma during the holidays.