You're in for a real treat. There's something uniquely pure and wholesome about a Royal Orange. Its color is distinctive, clear and natural. Its skin peels easily to reveal neatly segmented fruit inside. And the taste? Indescribably sweet and refreshing, with tenderly translucent flesh that fairly explodes with juice.

Royal Oranges are descended from Brazil's Bahia oranges - one of the dazzling delights that the New World held for early European explorers. Today, we choose only the pick of the crop from the finest groves. We then pick only fruit that meets our stringent standards for sweetness and taste. Each Royal Orange is hand-selected for size and beauty then carefully packed to ensure safe arrival.

They're pretty enough for still life arrangements…almost too pretty to eat! But don't let that deter you. Royal Oranges are meant to be savored and enjoyed. In fact, they're the best out-of-hand eating oranges you'll find anywhere! Be sure to get yours now, they are only available three months of the year!

royal orange.JPG