Navel Oranges

California navels have been coined "the best in the world." We're proud to grow this sweet and juicy variety in the heart of California. The California navel orange is characterized by a medium-orange color with little-to-no defects in the fancy grade. The navel orange is relatively easy to peel with no seeds. The California navel season starts in December and continues through April. The best eating quality generally falls between Christmas and March. We offer standard cartons, euros, and various bag sizes to offer a complete line-up for your needs.


Royal Navels

Royal Navel Oranges are a specialty navel orange with superior quality and coloring. These bright orange navels are packed under the "Royal Flush" label and are normally available from January through April. The navels are not picked until they are at their peak of sweetness. Royal Navels are the easiest to peel of any standard navel and are a sure bet for repeat customers.  The Royal Navel has its own specialty PLU sticker to make it stand out from the crowd, but the taste alone will have it jumping from the shelves. Royal Navels are packed to near flawless standard and have little to no grade defects upon arrival. Although Royal Navels have a higher price than our regular navels, you will have no problem bringing your customers back for more. Stand apart from the crowd with the Royal Navel.



The valencia orange is the summertime treat.  When navels finish in the spring, valencia oranges begin in volume. Valencia oranges are light orange in color and have an occasional seed. We pack these valencias to the same standards as our navels and provide numerous packing styles to complement your needs.



Central Valley lemons are known for their fine quality and size. Central Valley lemons begin in late October with a light yellow or "silvering" in color. These "District 1" lemons will continue until Easter and will provide you with a high quality lemon to load with your navels. We can pack lemons in standard cartons, Euros or bags.